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Vision, Mission and where you fit in.

Vision: A world fully employed in the battle of learning how to use data in such a way that they can help maintain a single global version of the Truth.

Mission: Guiding enterprises to develop, leverage and structure their Enterprise Data Management capabilities to maximise the overall effectiveness, efficiency and bottom line of the Enterprise, through Consulting. Furthermore enhancing individuals through Training, Testing and Inspiring them, by showing them that the new wave of work is in data management, and that each person has the ability to work with one or more aspects of data. 

"The Data Revolution will provide work for everyone who wants to find the truth. The only way we can see the truth is through the data, which at one moment or another, represents a perspective of it. In the new digital world, and the internet of things, our ability to work with data will become as basic a requirement as being able to speak. The challenge is enhancing people’s paradigms and skills so that they are able to engage with data. This requires a movement of passionate people." (William Evans) 

William Evans CEO 

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William Evans

History of Multi Dimensional Thinkers

About Multi Dimensional Thinkers (Pty) LTD

Multi Dimensional Thinkers has been running since October 2014 as William Evans T/A Multi Dimensional Thinkers, During this time, the primary focus of the company was consulting on Contracts in the Mining and Government sectors, whereas William’s previous 25 plus years of experience in data have been in the Assurance, ICT, Telecommunications and Banking sectors.

Multi Dimensional Thinkers (Pty) LTD was officially registered as a company in late 2015, and consists at this stage of William Evans and occasional Temporary workers.

As at March 2018, the current and growing demand for qualified Data Management Resources in the market means that the primary focus of the company is testing people to determine their ideal Data Management Career choices. Training and Consulting to Medium, and upwards Enterprises to resolve their data management, new and legacy, issues. Training takes place on an adhoc basis, or through our training partners, where we simply provide the content.

Since its official inception the following have been the service offerings provided by the company.

Testing of numerous individuals, adults as well as school goers. We have run over 50 tests and assist test-takers through this unique testing process in which there are no right or wrong answers and for which spelling is not important, as the test simply maps how you think and how you work and what you gravitate towards. The test makes the invisible, visible – something we probably all wish we knew a while back - See the flow chart below under the Data Management Capability Testing section in this brochure.

5 day training for Project Initiation at the South African Reserve Bank as well as a comprehensive 27 day Data Management Training program that includes both theory and practical and covers the whole of the Data Atom Data Management Framework and its 17 different - yet interrelated - data disciplines. Delivered to Velisa Africa to 14 of its BSC Graduate Interns.

William is engaged from time to time in short and medium term projects as an Independent Contractor, helping enterprises establish or redesign, for performance, their Enterprise Data Management, establishing only the various Data Discipline Capabilities needed for the phase of maturity they are in, and identifying Root Causes of information issues for an Enterprise Information Management Capability.

Schools: Careers Evenings display:  

To have a Careers Evening Display at your school please contact us via marketing@multidimensionalthinkers.com Careers Evening Displays are provided free of charge in the Randburg, Roodepoort, Sandton areas of Gauteng, South Africa. Should your school be outside of this area we will need to consider the logistics and there will be a cost that would need to be paid to cover travel, accommodation, accompanying staff, and miscellaneous expenses to be agreed upon prior to confirmation of agreement.

William Evans, Certified Data Management Professional delivers talks to those interested in understanding, or further understanding, in a simple way, the world of Data Management and the growing opportunities in the world due to the realisation that the data needs to be managed. He has talked at the International Data Management Association Conference for Southern Africa, Corinium Intelligence’s Chief Data Officer – Africa Forum, and the Chief Data and Analytics Officer – Africa Forum in July 2017. Talks at schools and Universities are William’s primary target for leveraging young people into the Human Resource demanding market place, and helping parents to position their children for what is exploding, (just as IT did 30 or so years ago.)