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William Evans's CV Summary is below. Feel free to request his detailed CV (Call +27 60 420 3302)

Data Management Consultant
·       Enterprise Data Governance,
·       Master Data Governance,
·       Enterprise Data Architecture,
·       Master Data Management,
·       Legacy Data to Master Data Migration,
·       Enterprise Data Quality,
·       Enterprise Data Architecture Capability Development,
·       Enterprise Data Management Capability Development,
·       Enterprise Information Management Capability Development,
·       Enterprise Innovation Capability Development

Surname                            Evans

First Name                        William

Initials                                 WR

Citizenship                        South African and Irish

Language Proficiency    English and Afrikaans

Location                             South Africa

Cell Phone                         +27 60 420 3302

Email Address         

William Evans has over 27 years practical IT experience. He has focused on enhancing Business and Information Technology by exposing the challenges being experienced, as a consequence of immature Data Management. The following are his areas of expertise:
Enterprise Architecture
Enterprise Data Architecture
Enterprise Master Data Governance
Business Capability Development - Innovation
Business Capability Development - Enterprise Information Management
Business Capability Development - Enterprise Data Management
Master Data Creation from Legacy
Workflow Development, Management and Architecture
Enterprise Business Process Management
Business Standards and Improvement Management

William has worked in a variety of industries, including among others, Education, Health Care, Mining, Government, Banking, Retail, Disaster Recovery,  Petrochemical, Insurance, Information Communication and Technology and Telecommunications

Spent 2 years migrating and implementing Master Data from Legacy systems to SAP ERP.
and 4 years guiding the Enterprise to leverage Enterprise Master Data effectively and efficiently.

In the last 5 years William has designed and implemented a fully integrated Data Management Framework, complete with the uniquely integrated Enterprise Architectures, matured to operate in concert, to remove the ineffectiveness and inefficiencies that span the entire Enterprise, and hampers flow of accurate and consistent data to the areas of the Enterprise that need it.
Part of William's value add, is that he is an internationally Certified Data Management Professional and as such is a member of the International Data Management Association (DAMA I). He remains connected to this innovative team of Data Management Professionals and he therefore has wider capabilities than just his own experience and skillset.