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Data is simply meaning, that is encapsulated in a structure and stored or transferred via a medium. This happens between and among people just as much as it happens between and among computer systems.

Just as in the human body there is a blood circulation diagram showing the blood flowing through the veins of a human's body, so too in a business there is a data circulation diagram showing data flowing through the Enterprise. 

In our above analogy between business and the human body, when assessing the health of the veins in your body you can use a generic set of tests that would apply to everyone, for example, is there narrowing of the blood vessels, or have the blood vessels weakened and become porous, leaking blood into the rest of the body, etc. 

In the same way, in the business there are generic tests that can be carried out on an enterprise to determine if the enterprise is suffering from problems with its data due to structural design flaws, or the lack of proper understanding as to what support structures data flows need to maintain a high quality that reduces rework, increases effectiveness and efficiency and thereby increasing the bottom line.