Multi Dimensional Thinkers

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We provide Careers Evening Displays as well as providing William Evans to address the following focus areas in either talks or workshops. 

BUSINESS (DATA MANAGEMENT CAPABILITY IMPLEMENTATION) William is an Internationally Certified Data Management Professional through DAMA, the world's premier Data Management Association. His career is in Data Management, and The Multi Dimensional (Previously known as "The Data Atom") Data Management Framework links all the Data Disciplines together and shows a business how to construct their Data Management Efforts for the best success.

CAREER GUIDANCE (THE DATA INDUSTRY) He gives talks to those seeking insight into the new industry of data management. He has also developed an online test to assist people to identify the data management disciplines in which they have a natural affinity and are therefore most likely to succeed.

MOTIVATIONAL He has had significant challenges in life and has overcome them. He shares his insights into how to view life's challenges from a point from which you will succeed.