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William is an Internationally Certified Data Management Professional through DAMA, the world's premier Data Management Association. His career is in Data Management, and The Multi Dimensional (Previously known as "The Data Atom") Data Management Framework depicts the interdependancies of Business and the Data Disciplines showing how to construct Data Management Efforts for the best success

William gives talks to those seeking insight into the new industry of data management.

William Richard Evans, of South Africa, has developed three Fully Integrated Data Management Frameworks: The Data Atom Data Management Framework version 1.0 was developed between 2010 and 2014. Version 2.0 was developed between 2014 and 2017. With the advent of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and data lakes, version 2.0 was replaced with the more comprehensive Multi Dimensional Data Management Framework V3.0. It covers 20 data management disciplines and 7 data environments. On 20 October 2018 He released The Multi Dimensional Data Management Framework V4.0, which includes 8 Data Management Considerations at the core. Four relate to the impact time has on Data and another four provide insight on the current trajectory towards Managed Technological Singularity using Artificial intelligence. All of these Frameworks are free, in the public domain and cannot be patented. Anyone in the world may use them.




William has had significant challenges in life and has overcome them. He shares his insights into how to view life's challenges from a point from which you can succeed.