The Data Management Capability Test

  How does the test actually work

A person chooses something they are passionate about, or a hobby they love doing and have been doing for a while (experience for at least a year is important to ensure that person has the experience to draw from when they answer the test.

The Test requires that you learn various Terms and Definitions and that you apply them to the A3 Diagram which will be sent to you.

You will use the paper diagram and your computer which will be logged on online to access the test. (If your typing skills are slow then you can arrange to have a typist. This person must also register and may not change your answers or spend precious time clarifying your answers. You will need to work in a separated location so as not to disturb others, and if on Skype, you will need to mute your microphone.) Volunteer Typists are

welcome to make themselves available to help. Simply email

Your invigilator will spend thirty minutes guiding you through the initial registration online, answering your questions and explaining the test to you.

You will then start the test and will be given 3 hours to answer the questions silently. Only if you do not understand something about how to answer the test can you ask questions.

Once completed, the test will be marked and certificates issued. Please note the Barriers to Entry (in section 8.1.2) which will help you cost effectively decide if this is for you or not.