William Evans, founder of Multi Dimensional Thinkers is an Internationally “Certified Data Management Professional" (CDMP) Since 1993, (Across the world, there are only about 2000 people who have managed to

qualify and share this global certification. (See Certificates))

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William explains the coming boom in Data Management related careers:

Are you one of the following:

Currently in Business:

    - An employee who has been allocated the role of Data Steward

   -  A General Manager or Executive who has been made accountable for data

    - A Data Management Specialist wanting help explaining data to Business

Wanting to change what you are doing/have done in life:

  - Wanting a new and exciting challenge

  - Dissatisfied with what you are doing

  - Retrenched, needing a different career

  - Unemployed for a while, looking to Add-Value again

Choosing what you want to do in life:

 - Not an academic genius

- Grade 9 Choosing Grade 10 subjects

  - Grade 11 Choosing a future career

  - Grade 12 Leaving school with no idea what you want to do.

  - Out of school, looking for work

  - Finished University, looking for work

William: "I am witnessing the world facing a data management crisis (see graphs below), and we need people who can think differently. We cannot wait for Universities to provide the necessary degrees, neither are graduates capable of sitting the International Certifications as they require years of experience."

William: "I have discovered that there are certain people who have the aptitude to intrinsically understand data, and I can test for this. Unfortunately traditional psychometric testing still test for the old definition of data, and so those people earmarked to work with data as a career are not geared up to address the newer challenges in the Data Revolution. We need those that can think multi-dimensionally, who are often not mainstream academics." 

The Indicative Test costs R999 per person, on a sliding scale, based on the number of people, and discounted if suitable venues are provided. Tests are run on request, with results issued within between 2 and 20 working days.


We will make this seamless for you.

Each process kicks off as soon as you send us an email by clicking on the specific email address on the first block in the process. We guide everything from there for you.

Important: Please Note: The Admin Fee is payable as soon as you have submitted your online details. The Admin Fee is non-refundable, and no work will be started on your request until it has been received and cleared in our Bank Account. (See section on Payment Details).

The first process addresses how to get us to present a talk at your venue, or at Velisa Africa in Bryanston. Where you can invite people to attend.

 The second process addresses how to register for the Indicative Test with the potential to gain opportunities for employment in the market.

Should you have any questions please contact us.

Kind regards

William Evans