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The new Multi Dimensional Data Management Framework (version 4.0) reflects the leading Data Management Body of Knowledge, and extends this to bridge the historical divides between the CIO/CTO/CEO and CDO. The result is a single framework which reflects the environments provided by the CIO and enabled by the CTO, but from the perspective of the CDO, driving the business of all the "C" Suite, and able to bring to light the issues that endanger the CEO. The CHRO is also now involved, as they must ensure human resource conformance to a singulr langauge and to data hygiene


- This Framework is unbranded which means that each company wishing to use the "Multi Dimensional Data Management Framework" is free to do so for their own Data Management purposes. However: 

- The Framework may not be sold, only given away for free.

- The name of the Framework can NOT be changed. 

- The disclaimer on using the "Multi Dimensional Data Management Framework" is that if you are not certified to use the Framework you may misunderstand it and incorrectly apply it. Anyone using it without being certified does so entirely at their own risk, and No person or entity is liable for their decisions as a consequence of their use of it but themselves. 

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<<<<< Click MDDMF Image to download a PDF of the Multi Dimensional Data Management Framework. For a presentation with insightful notes on the Multi Dimensional Data Management Framework. (Introductory Level) see the page that explains the Multi Dimensional Data Management Framework

- Should you like to know the intricacies of the Multi Dimensional Data Management framework and how to use it then please email or contact William Evans on +44 7500 557 708.