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Binita's Testimony: (Group Leader for Teen Girls and Young Adult Ladies)

Here is Binita Snyman's testimony to encourage you to come on one of the upcoming July Camps. 
Binita is an Advanced Spiritual Warfare Training Graduate, and also one of the leaders who will be working with the Teen and Young Adult Ladies on the upcoming Camps.

"A few days before this previous camp I was very uncertain as to whether I should attend the camp or not (despite having registered already). I had to make the decision to attend the weekend camp or attend a prophetic arts event at the prophetic art exhibition where some of my art is currently exhibited. It was an incredibly difficult decision to make as both would be a "work of the Lord“ and are a priority to me. I decided to go on the camp.

Before I went on the camp I know that in my heart I was fearful about the topics for the camp. I had been through so many difficulties over the past four years and choosing and sharing my testimony was the last thing I wanted to do. 
The camp was led in such a way that I never felt threatened to share beyond what I was ready to share. 
In fact I learnt more about how to use what has happened to me to share about God’s faithfulness in my life.

Before I went on the camp I was hesitant to receive future insights because I was scared that it would include things I did not want to hear (whether they were true or not).

I feel at peace about what is lying ahead of us (for the true Christians as well as for those who do not acknowledge Jesus as the Son of God.)

The Word of God says that we perish due to a lack of knowledge, and I am thankful that I now have these insights!

Although living on Earth will become more and more messy, I have absolute peace because I know that the Lord is with me and that the Holy Spirit will lead me through every challenge.

Binita Snyman
071 608 1145"

Thank you Binita Snyman for pushing through satan's temptation to stop you getting all God had for you, and still has for you on the future camps.

Hanlie's Testimony: (Camp Mom and Group Leader for Adult Ladies)

Here is Hanlie Janse van Rensburg's testimony as proof of how we can be bound by satan even though we are Christians, and that we need guidance and encouragement to be truly set free.


Prior to our camp we attended at the end on June 2017, I was going through a very tough time (emotionally and spiritually).  When William started to send out the emails regarding the camps I tried to avoid it by not reading it and moving it out of my inbox (out of sight, out of mind).  But when William phoned me I knew I could no longer avoid him or God’s call to attend the camp and that night I told my husband I wanted to attend these camps and he agreed that we should. 


My household was calm and without very little disagreement the next few weeks. (Which was not the case in the time before this).


Satan really tried to prevent us from going on this camp as it felt like everything was just going wrong the Thursday and Friday before.



During the camp I battled with some issues but God really helped me and revealed to me what I needed to focus on and how to change this through His Holy Spirit.  God showed me that He had never forsaken me even though I might have felt that He did.  It was awesome to spend time with other children of God and I realised that we all had been battling with attacks from satan.  But God came to set us fee.  We did not had to be afraid and that as in God’s word he says – Hosea 4:6 (King James Version (KJV) My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:  It was great to be able to be equipped with knowledge.



I have been able to pray again.  I am able to praise and worship God again.  I hear His voice again.  I am not depressed anymore.  I feel lightened.  I feel peace within me.  I am grateful to have been able to have attended this camp



Thank you Hanlie Janse van Rensburg for pushing through satan's temptation to stop you getting all God had for you, and still has for you on the future camps.

Riaan's Testimony: (Camp Dad and Group Leader for Adult Men)

I felt a little lost and despaired and not in the mood for life.

I experienced brotherly love without any condemnation. I am beginning to understand (finally!) that it's all about love. It's not our job to judge of condemn, it is however our job to obey the first and biggest commandment and the second which stands equal to it.
And this my brothers and sisters, is the big mystery and goal of life. That we love one another as He loves us.
I found myself reminded of the approaching end times. But not only that, I was reminded of my purpose during these times. There is a lot of lost souls out there. Even more lost than I had felt.

I have realised we really need our Jesus. I have decided to share Him with a lost world. Lost souls need our Lord and His love, but they also need our brotherly love. I will be sharing this brotherly love without conditions or holding back.

Thank you Riaan Janse van Rensburg for pushing through satan's temptation to stop you getting all God had for you, and still has for you on the future camps.


Please pray for the upcoming camps, and do whatever Holy Spirit leads you to do

Below is Riaan's Testimony of how satan tried to stop him coming on the last 7 Hearts Camps Christian camp, and what happened because he came. 

If you are feeling resistance within you to coming on the camp, pray and resist satan, register and come anyway, and get your friends to join you. All are welcome. Please remember to register each person early. 

Dates: July Camps (21-23 July or/and 28-30 July) 
Venue: Hornbill Lodge, Magaliesburg (Chalets are for your own cost - book early)
Cost: R250 per person for the weekend (See Camp Details for bank details)
Bring own food (and extra to share), accommodation (See Camp Details for a list of everything to bring)
Queries +27 78 278 8901 / (William)
All other Camp Details: