Getting the Concepts Right and in context of the MDDMF Framework

Multi Dimensional Thinkers provides content that is free of charge, available here for download, for teaching those who would like to understand Data Management from the inside out, i.e. not from an educational point of view, but more like an apprentice would, as apposed to someone completing formal education, and therefore, there is also no certification, simply a realisation, that allows you to intelligently work together with others. 

Some people understand best by simply reading, listening and answering questions, i.e. they understand the concepts first, and then the relationships, and some people, especially autistic people, understand by the relationships, their types, prevalence, and then the concepts that they connect to, and the various circumstances under which they connect, hence they appear to learn slowly, when in actual fact a normal person may learn one concept, and an autistic person is learning thousands of relationships, connecting, recategorising, typing, and setting conditions, triggers, etc., and thereby constructing the concept by way of the relationships.

This training provides opportunity for both types of learners.

Much of what is shown may be new to a person, or if they are seasoned in one or more parts, they will discover the gaps, identify them, and be able to research the detail and connect them into the Framework. 

The framework does not advance one way of thinking over another, nor does it punt one supplier or vendor over another. It simply shows how everything works together.

There will always be those who choose to argue, however, that would assume that this Framework takes a side, when actually, it does not.

It simply is. 


Example Training Module 001 

What is data and how does it affect everything (There are business Concepts mentioned, which you can pause the video and go and do your own research on, or if you know them, simply press on and listen through)