Multi Dimensional Data and Information Management Framework Version 6.0 - for Free Use.

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I am releasing to the public today (2022/08/04) the Multi Dimensional Data Management Framework Version 6.0. for free. Once again, anyone may use it, brand it for their own use with their clients, but the content may not be changed and neither may the name, nor the accreditation.

Kind regards, Author, and Owner, William Richard Evans, South Africa.

The changes from Version 6.0 include: 

1. The Information Governance Framework, and the Data Governance Framework overlay.

2. Insights on Artificial Intelligence, its application and considerations before implementing.

3. The journey of "Hand-Over to A.I." and how to apply controls to manage how and what is handed over.

Specific choices of technologies and vendors are not covered in this framework, as that is the competitive advantages of the specific business and vendor relationships, and besides there are good sources that provide this insight.

Once again, there are a plethora of considerations each of us, (with each individual use-case) may find ourselves unearthing and having to find ways to resolve with the description of what the environments should hold. For example, how old can my data be before I need to refresh it from production, How am I protecting all the personal information found in each of these environments, Do I connect an environment to my workflow system? if so when, and under what conditions?

What I have given in version 6.0 is hopefully the means to properly manage ourselves, and understand that our honesty and integrity is what will determine the world that A.I. constructs for us to "live in" digitally speaking.

The Data management Framework is publicly available as of now and cannot be copyrighted by anyone. Feel free to use it and re-brand it for your own use with your clients. The Name "Multi Dimensional Data and Information Management Framework V6.0) and the details on the Framework must remain as they are.

Have fun and share your experiences in an email to

Please note that Multi Dimensional Thinkers is no longer a trading enterprise, but is rather a forum for those using the framework to share their experiences. The Website will be updated shortly.

I (William Evans) am currently available for Question and Answers, as well as talks, as required. I am happy to engage on matters of the Framework per se' as this is part of my tri-annual re-certification as an Internationally Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP).

All the best and Happy Management of your Data.

Kind regards

William Richard Evans

The Multi Dimensional Data Management Framework V6.0 is personally owned by William Richard Evans, In his personal capacity, as owner, he offers this poster for free to all who are interested in Data Management, anywhere in the world. - Feel free to share it., now residing in South Africa.


Disclaimer: William makes no claim that using this framework will solve all your problems, and also advises that unless you are trained in its use, that you should use it at face value and in conjunction with all other frameworks, especially the DAMA DMBOK and DMBOK2 to which this framework is aligned. This Framework is a thinking tool to understand cause and effect and assists in maintaining many of the various concepts and dimensions of Data Management as a visibly represented "One-Pager". It is useful when discussing anything related to Business, IT, Data, and now Technology Infrastructure and its vendors, who should explain how they support your data in each environment.