At this stage there is comparatively little in terms of properly certified Data Management Training. DAMA (The Data Management Association) has some internationally Accredited Certifications, notably the CDMP or Certified Data Management Professional, which is aligned

to the DMBOK or Data Management Body of Knowledge and the DMBOK2, released in 2017. 

Computer Professionals or ICCP also has a certification known as the Certified Data

There are a number of organisations and bodies which provide Data Management Training, however, generally these are attendance certificated training, and usually these focus on one or a few specialisations with respect to data management.

Multi Dimensional Thinkers trains on and certifies on all the disciplines at an introductory level with a focus on the benefit of an integrated understanding of the whole, understanding dependancy, and order of implementation and how to integrate each.

Qualifying persons have developed the ability to see the unseen, and are able to understand the data flows across the enterprise and what cause and effect "reverberations" take place throughout the business when making change decisions. They are therefore equipped to (theoretically at this stage) integrate all of the Data Disciplines practically and so keep the data ecosystem and data flows healthy and useful, effective and efficient for all concerned. A person with this insight is useful when managing an Enterprise Data Management Department, or when supporting the efforts of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) or Chief Information Officer (CIO).

Multi Dimensional Thinkers accredits via online testing where a two hour exam, which is written consisting of eighty questions per student randomised out of a pool of almost five times that and growing. The training that underpins this consists of 29 days of Data Management Training and is done in the virtual classroom, or within a venue of your own choosing, subject to negotiations.

Our exams can be written remotely via the Skype "MDT Classroom", or physically in a suitable venue with one of our appointed invigilators. 

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