Vision, Mission and where you fit in

Vision: A world fully employed in the battle of learning how to use information and data in an integrated fashion and in such a way that they can help maintain a single global version of the Truth.

Mission: Inspiring individuals to use the Multi Dimensional Data Management Framework (MDDMF) to understand how Business, Information and Data works together across Time to support E.I.M., E.D.M. and/or A.I. and should be managed as an integrated set of disciplines.

"The Integrated Information and Data Revolution will provide work for everyone who wants to find the truth, because that is the only way we can see the truth - through the data which at one moment or another represents a perspective of it. In the new digital world and the internet of things, our ability to work with it will become as basic a requirement as being able to speak. It is getting people skilled to engage with data which requires a movement of passionate people. I am just one. Join us and make a real difference."

Rick (William Richard) Evans is the Author and Owner of the Multi Dimensional Data Management Framework (MDDMF V5.0) (and its predecessors, MDDMF V4.0, MDDMF V3.0, The Data Atom Data management Framework versions 1.0 and 2.0). The MDDMF V5.0 is available for download from this site and is free of charge to all.

Should you be interested in getting involved in driving this Vision and Mission then email "I would like to volunteer" to