The Multi Dimensional (previously known as the Data Atom), Data Management framework Training


1 - Training project resources (and project plan insights) (5 Day Training)

A large Bank requested that the team that would be embarking on a new project in the data space all be brought up to speed in terms of understanding data and the cause and effect within the eco-system of data to ensure that their project did not create any unintended consequences, and in fact could work in a more integrated fashion to enhance the business of the bank.

2 - Training interns on The Data Atom Data Management Framework (27 Day Training):

An Innovative Intern Training Academy requested that their interns receive a course of 27 days of Data Management Training covering all of the Multi Dimensional (previously known as "The Data Atom") Data Management Framework and each Data Discipline in detail, with both theory and practical lessons. (This has now expanded to 29 days).