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Effective Strategies for Developing a Strong Data Governance Framework



"The session was excellent for crystallizing the abstract concepts of data governance and management into practical, actionable steps that we can take in our organization"

(Stewart Reid, Head of Data & Analytics of a Global Financial Services Group)

"Like we mine and refine gold up to a most valuable grade, similarly we should view our data as a raw material of great value that needs engineered processing to attain the highest value. Thank you for sharing you data culture so mind altering!"

(Elizabeth van der Wath, Data Scientist at a Global Banking Group) "Mutually beneficial I got a lot of value out of your session. I am impressed with the concise way that you conveyed the content.

The discussions that you initiated provided the right direction to apply the content."

(Louise Ferreira, IT and Operations Executive of a Global Financial Services Group)

"The session was very useful and even more value during our tea break discussions."

(Raymond Mari, Data Steward for a large bank)

"Useful and practical strategies wrt developing a data governance framework and structures was provided during an interesting and interactive workshop."

(Maria Dalle Ave, Head of Client Reference Data for a large Financial Institution)

Time: 17:30 - 20:30
On: Main Day 2 - 05/07/2017
Is your data a healthy mountain stream or a stagnant slime pit – how would you know?
Data is somewhat ethereal in an organisation
Making the truth about your data visible is a key enterprise capability
You can only see what you ask to see.
The challenge is: how do you determine what you need to see.
Workshop: Identifying and Defining your Data Governance Metrics
–          Prerequisites to establishing Data Governance Metrics
–          Data Governance Maturity Assessment
–          Your own Data Governance Metrics
–          A suggested Data Governance Dashboard
William Evans 
Job Title: Owner
Company: Multidimensional Thinkers
William has been involved in Data Management for over 25 years and is a Certified Data Management Professional, majoring in Data Governance and Data Quality through the international Data Management Association (DAMA). He is TOGAF and TMForum certified and has fulfilled the roles of Master Data Governor, Group Master Data Governor, Group Data Governor, Enterprise Architect, Data Architect and Enterprise Data Architect. Industries William has worked in include the Petrochemical, ICT, Telecommunications, Finance, Mining, Government and Training industries. He is also a member of DAMA Southern Africa, DAMA Australia and the Australian Computer Society.