Tailored Data Management Training

How it works

Select what you want to understand from the following:

Edge DataWave on hbadenhorst@edgedatawave.com or speak to Herman Badenhorst on +27 11 802 0919 (South Africa) or William Evans on training@multidimensionalthinkers.com +44 7500 557 708 (United Kingdom/European Union) for more information.

Your selection will determine the depth and integration of the different data disciplines discussed. The training emphasises a transfer of understanding of interdependence, cause and effect and root cause analysis       

Delivery Method



Depending on your selection, and choice of emphasis, this course may be tailored to include some practical hands-on exercises that enable you to test your understanding of the forces within the Data Ecosystem.  Such insights will make you an effective team player in the Data Management Competency within your Enterprise.

Select your course objectives from the list below

·         By the end of this course, you will be able to:

·         Understand The Multi Dimensional Data Management Framework

·         Identify, prioritise & focus Data Stewardship needs.

·         Describe the components of a DMF.

·         Review and Report on the Data Ecosystem.

·         Advise Projects on their Data Dependencies.

·         Understand the basics of Data Governance.

·         Understand Data Architecture

·         Understand Enterprise Data Architecture

·         Understand Data Security

·         Understand Data Quality

·         Rationalise Terms & Definitions

·         Develop and manage Glossaries

·         Understand Taxonomies & Ontologies

·         Implement Definition Management

·         Find Data Sources

·         Extract and create Data

·         Clean Data

·         Develop Data fit for Information

·         Understand Information Development

·         Understand Data Operations Management

·         Understand Meta-data Management

·         Understand Master Data Management

·         Understand Data Warehouse Management

·         Understand Business Intelligence Management

·         Understand Document Management

·         Understand Content Management

·         Understand Data Integration

·         Understand Point-to-Point and SOA

Depending on the amount of time you make available, some or all of the following may be included in your course. Furthermore, you may select one or two of these as the Data Disciplines you want to emphasise most and spend more time on. This will be determined during your engagement on the opportunity 

Disclaimer: Please note, that while William Evans is a DAMA Certified Data Management Professional, this training material is not DAMA owned, nor is it DAMA approved, and therefore, neither the course material nor the course training should be expected to be sufficient to prepare one for DAMA CDMP or ICCP CDP examinations. If required, "Multi Dimensional Thinkers Data Management Training Attendance Certificates can be issued for those completing the feedback forms.