Multi Dimensional Thinkers - Information and Data Management Forum based in South Africa

Multi Dimensional Thinkers is a name attributed to all who think about Information and Data holistically as a completely integrated set of flowing systems of thought, communication, and all the necessary components that drive Information and Data in and through the world of people and technology knitting them together. Dimensions of matter, time, space and the constructs of various business, individual and technological processes and frameworks are part of the considerations of such people.

The Multi Dimensional Information and Data Management Framework is available for all to use for free as a tool to think Multi-Dimensionally about Business, Information, Data, Technology and as insight for schools, universities, and other learning programmes to extend the thinking of individuals, whether they will be entering a formal career in Data or not. The truth is, everyone in today's world is touching, or is touched by data. Knowing how to understand and work with your own data gives you the edge on those who do not.

Rick Evans is located in South Africa. The work he does on the Multi Dimensional Information and Data Management Framework is his after-hours contribution to the International Information and Data Management Community. He can be contacted on Rick will respond when available. Those interested in sharing their insights or getting involved in evangelising the use of the MDDMF can contact William and share what they can do to assist. 

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